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Understand Azure positioning, how to deploy a K8S cluster using AKS service, how to provision infrastructure and automatically deploy your applications using Azure DevOps and Bunnyshell.

What will you learn

Better understand Azure using our previous experience

The webinar takes you through important pillars of Microsoft Cloud. Aka Microsoft Azure.

Implement a microservices strategy using Managed Kubernetes Service

Learn how to use a private container registry, how to deploy and configure a cluster and how to connect it to the internet.

Increase your velocity by automating your deployments

Find out how to manage your IaaS infrastructure using Bunnyshell: from code to production in few easy steps.

From the perspective of our clients and our partners, KodingTech is classified as being cloud born partner. The productivity of each company or person is the argument for choosing Microsoft products, because Microsoft adds up a wide range of integrated products, providing almost everything you need when it comes to collaboration and productivity. Safety, efficiency, speed and flexibility are a few benefits of the cloud platforms we chose with our customers and partners. We are going to implement these solutions and ensure subsequent optimizations. Below, we recommend Microsoft solutions or better said, Microsoft Azure. This is the most complex platform of Public Cloud, because it allows any kind of technology approach.


Sorin Dumitrescu
VP of Engineering, Bunnyshell
kodingtech alex tuca
Alex Tuca
Full Stack Developer, KodingTech
kodingtech andrei cojocaru
Andrei Cojocaru
Full Stack Developer, KodingTech
kodingtech silviu chiran bunnyshell
Silviu Chiran
CoFounder KodingTech & Bunnyshell


  • Microsoft Azure - Intro 14:00
  • AKS or Azure Kubernetes Approach 14:15

    High Level Architecture
    Cluster Creation
    Ingress Gateway
    App Deployment over K8S stack from Azure Devops

  • Bunnyshell 15:00

    What is. What is not. How to use it.

  • Automatic Deployments using Bunnyshell 15:30

    Cloud Connection
    App Deployment
    CI/CD using Azure DevOps

  • DevOps tools for Dev Teams - Q&A 16:00
  • Closing & Giveaway 16:45

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